Top 5 Questions About Long-Term Care Medicaid
 and Planning for The Nursing Home
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Don't Go Broke In The Nursing Home
As elder law attorneys, we often hear from family members with concerns about an older person who
may need nursing home care. Aside from the personal challenges involved in helping a loved one transition to a nursing home, family members are understandably worried about the costs of care.

  • Do my parents need to spend down all their assets to $0 in order to be eligible for nursing home Medicaid?
  • Will my parents lose their home if they accept Medicaid benefits for nursing home care? 
  • Why can’t my parents just give away their assets in order to qualify for Medicaid nursing home benefits?
  • ​When should my parents start planning to avoid Medicaid spend-down and protect their assets from the nursing home?
  • ​My parents don’t want to apply for nursing home Medicaid because they think it’s like going on welfare. How can I persuade them it’s different?
While Medicaid can appear to be hard to qualify for, an elder law attorney can help you find your way through the qualification maze.

The more you know, and the sooner you know it, the better you and your parent’s chances are of making the most of early planning, or of a difficult situation will be. All your money does not have to go to the nursing home.
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